Summer 2015

As we are coming to the end of 2015, we have just enough time to reflect back on our busy 2015 Festival Season.

This is the fastest growing part of our business and the part we think is most fun!

Attending festivals are always about great music, amazing people, incredible food and above all enjoying yourself and forgetting about the 9-5.

This is why we like working at festivals, we want to have a great time as much as the guests.  However, we do take our role seriously and are there to assist the guests, offer advice and information, ensure everyone is safe and act as reassurance to the public.  As long as we can create the correct balance between enjoyment, re assurance and rules everyone will have a great time.  We do not want to ruin anyone’s weekend.  This is why we believe we are different and ensure this ethos is portrayed by all of our staff.

We have invested heavily in this area in terms of uniforms, equipment and vehicles.  However, the most important aspect of our structure are the guys and girls we employ to be the boots on the ground.  Without them we would not be able to do what we do and have the feedback and respect to expand and take on other festivals in 2016.  We are so great full to the work done by the whole team!  From the steward on their own at a gate to the office guys ensuring everyone gets paid!

We would love to have a large festival where we cover all build, break and event every weekend over the summer.  We will cover car parks and access, gate control, campsite and arena patrols, bars, stages, pits, back stage and response teams.  We cover all these aspects at our current festivals and feel there is no reason we cannot do this at every event moving forward.

But for now, we will leave you with a few pictures of our favourite events over the summer on our facebook page…. (until we can work out how to neatly add lots to here….)


The Armasec Team x


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