Exceptional consultancy to support your security delivery

Armasec has a wealth of knowledge, experience and key contacts within the leisure, hospitality and events industries to facilitate your strategic, tactical and operational planning of your event, festival or venue.

Armasec can work with you from the outset to protect your staff, audience, brand and reputation.

From site selection & design through to the implementation of a Crowd Management Plan, we will help you to identify audience ingress, circulation, capacities and densities through to egress and dispersal.

Armasec can assist operationally with Risk Assessments, stakeholder engagement, SIA compliance, contractor selection and vetting through to implementation of policies and procedures to ensure all licensing objectives are met.

Security Consultancy Services

Risk Assessments

Crowd Safety Advice

Health & Safety

Briefings & Introductions

Operational Plans


Event Management

Radio Controller

Security Systems

Covid Awareness Consultancy

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