Top Tips First Time Security Staff

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In this blog you will learn first hand from a member of our core team the best top tips for first time security staff!

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“Prior planning and preparation prevents poor performance”

– Jay, Armasec Security Team 2010 – Present

Before the shift:

– Know where you are going, how to get there and who to ask for when you get there.

– Be there in good time for handover or instruction from your point of contact before your shift starts.

– Make a list of what you will need to take with you.

– Do not forget your SIA badge!

– Be clean and presentable.

– Pro tip: Clean and polish your shoes/boots – they are usually the first thing people notice.

On Shift:

– Sign in / Clock in.

– If you are on a door, check the last couple of shift reports for anything you need to be aware of.

– Pay attention to any handover, write the details in your notebook if necessary so you don’t become overwhelmed with information.

– Be approachable and friendly but always professional.

– Smile at people, make them feel welcome.  Assume you are always being watched or recorded and act accordingly.

– Do not make assumptions about a person, especially gender, race and disabilities.  Be respectful always.

Pro tip – If you do not know the answer to a question, ask!

Pro tip: You might see hundreds of faces over a shift and you are more likely to remember a hairstyle, a cool t-shirt, or what shoes someone is wearing if you need to pick someone out of a crowd.

– Make notes of any incidents or problems and times they occurred as soon as convenient. It’s important to do this, so that you do not forget important details later when you need to write a report or fill in the door book.

How to join our team?

Our festival security, event security, and venue security teams are all highly regarded within the industry & we are always looking for new professionals to welcome into our growing family.

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What are the perks & benefits?

> The ability to claim certain work related expenses

> The opportunity to work within multiple sectors

> Choose work around your own commitments

> Exceptional career development

> 100’s of discounts from Perkbox

> Incredible sense of community