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Welcome to Armasec security's festival security services. With a dedicated focus on delivering exceptional security solutions for festivals of all sizes, Armasec Security is your trusted partner in ensuring a safe and successful event experience.

Armasec Security provides bespoke festival security services tailored to meet the unique requirements of each event. Our comprehensive approach to festival security encompasses crowd management, access control, emergency response, and more, ensuring total security coverage for your festival.

When it comes to festival security, trust is paramount. Armasec Security delivers total security services that you can rely on. From small-scale gatherings to large-scale events with thousands of attendees, our experienced team has the expertise and resources to ensure the safety and security of your festival from start to finish.

Festival Services

24hr Site Cover

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Car Parking & Traffic Management


Crowd Management Plan

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Crowd Safety

Event Planning & Management

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Festival Services

Trusted festival security services you can trust

When it comes to festival security, trust is paramount. Armasec Security delivers total security services that you can rely on. From small-scale gatherings to large-scale events with thousands of attendees, our experienced team has the expertise and resources to ensure the safety and security of your festival from start to finish.

Experience matters: Trusted by festivals across the UK

Armasec Security draws on its extensive experience in providing full security services for some of the biggest festivals across the UK. With a proven track record of success, we scale our services to meet the needs of festivals of any size, leaving organizers with peace of mind and the ability to focus on delivering an extraordinary experience to their audience.

Armasec festival security: Diversity, Opportunity,Personality

At Armasec Security, diversity, opportunity, and personality are at the heart of our festival security teams. We provide positions for individuals of all abilities, sizes, genders, religions, sexual orientations, and races, ensuring a welcoming and inclusive environment for all. Whether you're interested in front-of-house roles, pit teams, customer service, or back stage support, Armasec Security offers opportunities for everyone.

Festival Roles

Explore the diverse range of roles available within Armasec's festival security teams:

Front of House

As a front-of-house team Festival Security team member, you're the first point of contact for festival attendees, embodying the spirit of the festival by providing a welcoming presence while maintaining vigilant watch over festival entrances.

Pit teams

Pit teams are the frontline defenders of Festival Security, tasked with maintaining crowd control and safety in high-traffic areas, ensuring that every festival-goer feels secure and protected.

Customer service

Customer service representatives are the ambassadors of the festival, offering assistance and support to attendees while upholding safety protocols to enhance the overall festival experience.

Perimeter patrols

Perimeter patrol teams are the guardians of Festival Security, diligently monitoring the festival grounds' boundaries to prevent unauthorized access and maintain a secure environment for all.

Team supervisors

Team supervisors are the leaders of Festival Security operations, overseeing security protocols and ensuring that every aspect of the event is conducted with the highest standards of safety and professionalism.

Accessibility support

Accessibility support teams embody the inclusive values of our festival security team, providing assistance and accommodations to ensure that all attendees, regardless of ability, can fully participate in the event.

Build & break site cover

Build and break site cover teams play a crucial role in our festival security delivery, safeguarding equipment and infrastructure during setup and dismantling phases to maintain a secure festival environment.

Search teams

Search teams are the vigilant protectors of safety at festivals, conducting thorough screenings to prevent prohibited items from entering the festival grounds and maintaining safety for all attendees.

Bar roles

Our festival security team plays an ensuring a safe and controlled environment is present within festival beverage areas.

Response teams

Response teams are the rapid responders of Festival Security, trained to address security incidents and emergencies swiftly and effectively to ensure the safety and well-being of all festival attendees and staff.

Welfare support

Welfare support teams provide assistance and support to attendees in need, promoting a caring and inclusive environment throughout the event.

Control room

Control room operators are at the heartbeat of our festival security team, monitoring security systems and coordinating responses to incidents in real-time to ensure the effective management and communication of security resources.

Accreditation checks

Accreditation check teams are responsible for verifying the credentials of individuals entering restricted areas to maintain a secure and controlled festival environment.

Back stage

Back stage teams provide discreet protection as part of our Festival Security offering, ensuring the privacy and safety of performers and crew members behind the scenes to maintain the smooth operation of the event.

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Integrated festival delivery: Mobile security control centre

To streamline festival operations and make life easier for organisers, Armasec Security offers integrated festival delivery managed from our self-contained security control centre – the mobile control unit. This key infrastructure component ensures efficient communication, coordination, and management of security activities throughout the event, helping to ensure a smooth and successful festival experience for all.

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