Total security services for your festival

If you’re organising a festival, from the outset you need the peace of mind that you have experts onboard who are experienced in all aspects of festival security. 

Ultimately, your security team will be the face to your festival. It's imperative to your reputation, guest experience and overall success of your festival that you get your security right!

We think big when it comes to festival security to ensure that your event runs safely in our hands. We have delivered teams for festivals ranging from <500 capacity, to > 50,000 capacity. 

We draw on our experience of providing full security for some of the biggest festivals across the UK, scaling our services to meet your needs. Leaving your security in trusted hands means that you can focus on delivering an extraordinary experience to your audience, whilst enjoying the peace of mind knowing that your event is safe & secure. 

Festival Services

24hr Site Cover

Accessibility Support

Car Parking & Traffic Management


Crowd Management Plan

Social Distancing Measures

Crowd Safety

Event Planning & Management

Fencing Hire

First Aid


Patrol & Detection Dogs

Radio Controller & Logging

Risk Assessments

Security & Stewards

Festival Services

Armasec Festival Security

At Armasec, we strive for our team to be as diverse as the guests that attend the festivals we support.

We deliver positions for all abilities, sizes, genders, religions, sex and race. Opportunity and personality are at the heart of our teams, do we sound like a good fit for you?

If so, reach out via the contact form below to learn which event suits you best…

Festival Roles

 Front of House
 Pit Teams
 Customer Service
 Perimeter Patrols
 Team Supervisors
 Accessibility Support
 Build & Break Site Cover

 Search Teams
 Bar Roles
 Response Teams
 Welfare Support
 Control Room
 Accreditation Checks
 Back Stage

Who we’ve worked with

Our services include full festival consultations & deep collaborative planning. 

The Armasec operational team are experienced in festival production, staffing, volunteer management and logistics. 

Armasec Security supply reliable & responsive festival staff to cover traffic, gates / search teams, bar teams, response teams, back stage, pit, perimeter patrols, artist close protection & much more.

Our diverse and carefully selected teams reflect the face of your festival & our welcoming and customer focused style of work means that festival organisers can focus their attention on the production of an event, whilst leaving their integrated security needs to us.

To make your life as a festival organiser easier on the day, our complete festival delivery is managed out of a self-contained security control centre – our mobile control unit. It's a key part of the infrastructure that we can bring along to help ensure the event goes to plan.

Why you should join our family


Whether you join us for work, or whether you book our services. You will feel like you have been welcomed into a supportive community


Our staff are incredibly reliable & supportive. You never feel like you are alone when you are working with or for us. It's one big community and that's a value that we take pride in


Diversity in our staff, diversity in our roles, diversity in our clients. We're not just your security staff, we're an extension of your team


We take deep pride in ensuring that career development and client support is available at all times

Why our clients love working with us

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