What Makes A Reliable Festival Security Team?

With over 25+ years experience in delivering festival security, venue security and event security across Bristol and the South-West, you’re certainly in the right place!

Full festival security that meets your needs

Our services include full festival consultations and planning, traffic layout and management, along with the delivery of bespoke crowd-management plans.

Armasec Security supply reliable and responsive festival staff to cover traffic, gates/search teams, bar teams, response teams, back stage, pit, perimeter patrols and artist close protection.

Key areas to consider

There are a number of key areas to consider when evaluating who you should hire as your Festival / Venue Security team, these include the following:

– Where they operate

– Staff base in this city

– Other venues the team cover in the city

– Relationship with the police

– How much they pay their staff?

– What do their staff say about them?

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On-Shift Strategies for Event and Festival Security Staff

Reputation is a huge part of the equation!

We would always look at the following angles:

Does the security team have…

– A positive reputation?

– Experience?

– Have you seen them in action?

– If you know that they cover a festival / venue / event similar to yours?

– If they look the part?

– Are they reflective of your audience?

Do they come highly recommended?

Word of mouth here is a huge element to consider…

– Trust your gut feeling after the first meeting!

– Honesty after the first meeting

– Openness – you want to be told of when something needs fixing

– Responsive on communication

– Provides documentation that looks professional

– Are they helpful?

– Do you feel they will go the extra mile for you?

– Will they provide you with a free quote

Why our clients love working with us

Excelling in Your Event and Festival Security Role

Naturally, we play a key role in pre-planning to make sure you have all the security services, facilities and people in place. Our services include full festival consultation and planning, traffic layout and management and putting a crowd-management plan in action.

We can supply reliable and responsive festival staff to cover traffic, bar teams, response teams, back stage, pit, perimeter patrols and close protection. Whatever your needs, we’ve got it all.

Armasec is all about the people & we take real pride in ensuring that our staff and clients feel welcomed, supported and valued.  Learn more about us here.

If you’re organising a festival, from the outset you need the peace of mind that you have experts onboard who are experienced in all aspects of festival security, that will be the face to your brand.

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